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Best Multilingual Plugin for WordPress Website

Do you have a WordPress website? and do you want to make it multilingual? if so, you are on right article. Today we will tell best solution to turn WordPress website into multilingual.

many WordPress users want to use multilingual in their WordPress website. but it is not so easy. do you know, why it is difficult? let we explain.

WordPress do not provide multilingual feature in their code package. however we can use WordPress in our local language. but we can use only single language like English.

Best Multilingual Plugin for WordPress Website

If you want to use multi language in your WordPress website, then you have to do some extra work. here in this article, we will tell best solution for WordPress multilingual website.

Actually, we need to add an extra plugin to make our WordPress website multilingual. we will tell about two best multilingual plugin. first plugin will be free and we can find it on website. Second plugin is premium plugin. so first you can try free version to make your WordPress website multilingual. if you not like free multilingual plugin, then you can try premium version.

Best Free WordPress Multilingual Plugin

Yes, this is first section and here we will tell about a free WordPress plugin, which can easily turn your WordPress website in multilingual.

The plugin name is Polylang. we have already tested this plugin, so we are suggesting you to use for your WordPress. you can easily find and install Polylang plugin. because it is available on website.

Let we tell a little about Polylang plugin. Polylang is a top rated WordPress plugin. you can use Polylang plugin to make your WordPress website in multi language. This plugin also provide language switcher widget. so you can use Polylang widget to display language switcher.

All right! you can try it without spending any cost. we hope, you will like it more than expectation. now let we tell about second plugin. it is not free, but it is dedicated plugin for WordPress multilingual.

Best Premium WordPress Multilingual Plugin

As we have already written in headline, it is not free plugin. we are talking about WPML WordPress plugin. it is very popular but premium multilingual WordPress plugin.

WPML offers three version of their multilingual WordPress plugin. these are multilingual blog, multilingual cms and multilingual cms lifetime. you can read full details of features on WMPL price page.

In short, if you run simple non commerce website then you can use multilingual blog version. if you also use any E Commerce plugin like woocommerce then you can use multilingual cms version.

Now you can select best plugin for your WordPress website to make it multilingual. we think Polylang plugin will fulfill your are multilingual requirements. because it also support custom post types like woocommerce.

You can also translate menu, widget, WordPress core, WordPress theme, WordPress plugin etc. we means you can translate anything using Polylang WordPress plugin. but you have create multi version of all post types. suppose you want to add a menu in two language, then you have to create two menu. similarly if you want to create a new page then you have to create two version of page. one for default language and second for other language. if you are using more language then you also need to create it’s page. it is easy but it will take more time.

If you want to save your time, then you use Google translator. it is faster and time saving but everything will translate automatically.

If you want to translate manually, then you can use either Polylang or WPML. we hope, you have saved much time to find a best multilingual WordPress plugin. if you know more easy and full functional multilingual WordPress plugin, then please share in comment section. we will test and add in this post.

Let start discussion about WordPress multilingual.

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