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Check Remaining Data Balance in Idea 3G Net Setter

Do you use Idea net setter to check to access internet? and do you want to check remaining internet data balance? if so, you are on right article. today we will write step by step instruction to check remaining data balance in idea 3G net setter.

We should check remaining data balance regularly. because if we have consumed our data plan. then Idea will charge from our main balance. if we have not main balance. then Idea will stop providing internet service. if we will know current status of active internet plan. then we can recharge our net setter before expire active internet plan.

Idea is one of the good telecommunication service provider in India. Idea provides calling, messaging and internet services to their customers. we can use Idea 2G, 3G prepaid and postpaid to access internet. Idea provides high speed of internet to their 3G customers. because Idea 3G internet plans are costly. and Idea 3G works base on third generation of mobile service.


Check Remaining Data Balance in Idea 3G Net Setter


Idea is offering wide range of internet plans. You can access faster and smarter internet using idea 3G net setter. idea net setter is specially design to access 3G internet service. however we can also use Idea 2G prepaid.

We can also use Idea net setter as WiFi connection. after that we do not need to activate multiple internet plans. we can use WiFi of idea net setter to access internet in all devices.

Check Remaining Data Balance in Idea 3G Net Setter

Here we will write simplest method to check data balance in our Idea 3G net setter. we will tell USSD code to check remaining data balance and validity. because it is very simple, and it will not take more than 10 seconds.

First of all you have to open number dialing frame of idea net setter. Means you can open idea set setter software in your computer. Now you can open number dialing pad.

Here we can type *125# USSD code number. and then we can press call button. now we need to wait till reply. soon idea will send us a flash message.

In this message, you can check remaining internet data balance with validity. This is the simplest method to check internet balance in idea 3G net setter.

You can also insert idea 3G prepaid card in any mobile device. Now you have to dial above number. Now you have to press call button. Soon you will receive a flash message. You can locate remaining internet data balance in this flash message. You can also check validity of active internet plan.

So *125# is USSD code to check remaining data balance in idea 3G net setter. Also You can use this number in idea 2G prepaid card.

This USSD code works on all idea prepaid card. however if this USSD code is not working for your Idea prepaid. then you can call to customer care. they will tell reason behind it.

We hope that you have understood. Now you are ready to check internet balance in idea 2G and 3G prepaid.

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in net setter they had no numbers then we how to know the check balencee


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