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Display Really Related Posts in WordPress Blog

Do you run a blog base on WordPress content management system? And do you want to display really related posts after content of individual post? If so, you are on right article. Today we will specially discuss about, How to display really related post. Also if you have already displayed related posts, then this post can help you to upgrade this feature.

Related post means, Displaying other articles headline with link related to current article. We should display related article section in every single post. It will increase total page view of our blog. If we will not display related post after individual post, then our visitors will read current article. And he will close the current window. Because he will not see next link after article. So it is very impotent feature for every blogger.

But if will display related post headline with link after single post. Then he may choose one article to read for next time. So this is very good idea to increase page view of our blog. And also this will help to create good internal links.


Display Really Related Posts in WordPress Blog


Google search engine also check internal links of blog to rank it. So we will get multiple profit by adding related post in each article. We will tell integration of related post in WordPress base blog. If you are using custom content management system, then you should contact with developer to display related links.

Before display related posts in WordPress blog

This is actually an article from Earn Money from Blog series. So we hope that you have purchase domain name and web hosting. And you have setup and configure WordPress properly. And you have read basics of WordPress dashboard. You can also read articles of our WordPress Category.

In short, We will tell about a WordPress plugin. Which can automatically display really related headline with link in end of single post. Let we start adding related post feature in our blog.

Display related posts in WordPress single post

There are many WordPress plugin available on WordPress Plugin directory. But mostly plugins are useless. Because they do not display really related post. They just match category of current article to display related post. We can say that developer of these types of plugin has not written better code. There logic of displaying related post is completely useless.

Actually developer should display related post base on keywords instead category. And we know about a great plugin, which display related post base on keywords of current post.

This WordPress plugin name is Yet Another Related Posts Plugin. In shot, this plugin also know as YARPP. This is only top and best plugin, which can really display better related posts. We can display related posts without thumbnails and with thumbnails. Also we can display related post in custom section. But we need to download template of this plugin to display related post in custom section.

Let we start adding feature of this plugin. We can follow next steps to install, activate and configure Yet Another Related Posts WordPress Plugin.

  1. First of all, This plugin is available in WordPress plugin directory. so we can directly install it using add new plugin page.
  2. First, we can click on Add New menu under Plugins menu.
  3. Now we can search for Yet Another Related Posts Plugin keywords.
  4. Now we need to confirm. So this plugin has developed by Adknowledge and installed on more than 300,000 websites. Also we will see Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) as title of this plugin.
  5. Now you can click on install button and then activate it.
  6. Now we can click on YARPP menu. it is sub menu of Settings.
  7. Here we need to update settings and press save changes button.

Was this easy? Yes this is very easy. Now we will see related post according settings of this plugin. You know, why we like this plugin? Because this plugin works base on Match threshold. Match threshold means match keywords.

Let we help to set best settings of this plugin. We can leave The Pool section. Also you can read description of each section before update.

In relatedness options, we can set 4 for Match threshold. We can choose consider for title, bodies, categories and tags. Now this plugin will match keywords of current post, and it will display related post base on match.

In display options, we can set max number of related post. If we will set 5, then we will see 5 related posts. Now we can choose type of display. We can choose list, if we want to display related post in list. we can choose thumbnails, if we want to display related post with thumbnail. Thumbnail will work only if our theme support feature image. Also we need to set Feature Image to each post.

This is best settings, and we also use above settings to display related post. But we have manually customize style of this plugin according design of our theme.

We hope that you have understood about related post integration. Now you are ready to start displaying related post. You can also display related post using Widgets. Because this plugin adds a custom widget. And it is Related Post (YARPP). You can pick this widget in any section to display related posts.

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